Exhibiting Sound from Cape Breton to Alberta

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Exhibiting Sound from Cape Breton to Alberta

Cape Breton University staff sat down with Dr. Marcia Ostashewski, co-investigator of the Exhibiting Sound project, to talk about the two events taking place in Sydney, NS and Edmonton, AB.

From the press release:

Exhibiting Sound is a multifaceted public outreach program hosted by UA in conjunction with CBU, with arts, heritage and cultural institutions. The project focuses on knowledge exchange and dialogue events, legacy print publications and digital educational resources. Exhibiting Sound involves two public events, one in Sydney, Nova Scotia and the other in Edmonton, Alberta.

“Cape Breton University and this Connections grant bring together individuals from around the globe and across sectors – artists, heritage and museum professionals, scholars and students. We are excited to learn from and with one another while enjoying the beauty of Cape Breton at its finest,” says Ostashewski.

The first public Exhibiting Sound event is Curating Ethnomusicology, a pre-conference workshop in digital humanities being held at CBU from June 15-16. This event brings together local, national and international heritage and media professionals and scholars, all of whom are involved in the creation of innovative multimedia that attends to music from around the world. The workshop includes a special focus on collaborative research with Indigenous communities. Events and exhibitions, all on the CBU campus and open to public, will include scholarly and industry presentations, practical/applied workshops, exhibitions, performance/lectures, film screenings and other interactive learning opportunities.

Next week we’ll be tweeting at @exhibitingsound, with the hashtags #CuratingEthno for the pre-conference, and for the conference: #CSTM2015

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