Exhibiting Sound is a multifaceted public outreach program hosted by the University of Alberta (UA) in conjunction with Cape Breton University (CBU), with arts, heritage and cultural institutions. It is made up of 3 core components:

  • Knowledge exchange and dialogue events
  • Legacy print publications
  • Digital resources (including research creation)

Curating Ethnomusicology”, a 2-day pre-conference workshop hosted by CBU, June 15-16, 2015, involves scholars, artist-practitioners and heritage industry professionals who will publicly present a variety of scholarly and performative learning opportunities. These events and exhibitions, all on the CBU campus and open to public, will include scholarly and industry presentations, practical/applied workshops, exhibitions, performance/lectures, film screenings, and other interactive learning opportunities. Curating Ethnomusicology is held in conjunction with the “Exhibiting Music” conference (Canadian Society for Traditional Music, hosted by CBU), June 17-19, 2015.


“Exhibiting Sound” is hosted by UofA and several Edmonton galleries/museums, involving scholars, artist-practitioners and gallery/heritage industry professionals (a variety of formats: papers, demonstrations, roundtables, exhibits, films, and posters, sound installations and performances).

This project will result in 2 legacy print publications enhanced with web-based resources, including a bilingual special issue of Ethnologies on “Exhibiting Soundscapes” (expected publication December 2015); and an edited collection, Exhibiting Sound, arising from critical dialogue throughout the project between academics, artist-practitioners and industry professionals, on broad issues related to sound exhibition for artistic, social scientific, humanistic, or scientific purposes, (expected manuscript submission to McGill-Queen’s University Press March 2016).

Exhibiting Sound will also include the collaborative production, with partner institutions, of curated pieces of sound/music for extended periods of public exhibition/installation. This website will be updated with audio/video-recordings of all the presentations; documentary material related to the collaborative curatorial projects; a forum to support continued dialogue between scholars, artist-practitioners and heritage institutions, and wider publics, and to facilitate future collaborations.

***Digital materials will be licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-No Derivatives 4.0. This allows educators and students to freely share, copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format.***

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