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Conference Program

*Please note that this is a tentative schedule. Participants will be notified if there are any updates. *

Wednesday June 17, 2015

8:30-9:00: Registration


Music and Museums: European Perspectives (Chair, Judith Klassen, Canadian Museum of History)

“Irishness on Display: Performing Irish Traditional Music at the Harn Museum,” Colin Harte, University of Florida

“Ethnomusicology in Museums: Perspectives from Europe,” Christina Homer, University of Manchester

“Practices of Exhibiting Popular Music in Portugal: When My Music is Not That of Yours,” Alcina Maria Cortez, New University of Lisbon


ROUNDTABLE: “Re-thinking research and representations of culture in Cape Breton,” Marcia Ostashewski (Cape Breton University), Ely Rosenblum (University of Cambridge), Jelka Vukobratović (University for Music and Performing Arts Graz), Jana Zoric (City University of New York)




“Sound on Display: An Interactive Digital Exhibit about Music,” Heather Sparling, Cape Breton University

“The 1956-57 Westminster Choir Tour Project: Reflections on Incorporating Public Musicology into the Undergraduate Music History Curriculum,” Eric Hung, Rider University



Lunch (CSTM Executive Meeting)

Classroom: Frederic Leotar, “A Music Lesson;” “Recording Lute Music with Gameboy Speakers,” Two Short Films (12:30-1)


Keynote Address: “Exhibiting Music in a Sound Community,” Jeff Todd Titon, Brown University

Sound and Memory at Fortress Louisbourg: An Immersive Curated Experience

Fortress Louisbourg National Historic Site, situated on Cape Breton’s dramatic coastline, includes a reconstruction of an 18th Century French settlement. The fortress, in its heyday, was a major centre for fishing and trade. It also experienced a turbulent history during decades of conflict between the French and British empires.

A curated experience, exploring multiple sensory aspects of history represented at the site, was specially developed for our conference delegates in partnership with Parks Canada the Fortress Louisbourg Association. Our visit to Fortress Louisbourg includes: a tour with musical encounters representative of the historical period, a banquet featuring foods inspired by historical cuisine, as well as a concert and chansons a repondre led by local musicians.


3-4 – Bus to Louisbourg

4-5 – Touring

5-6 – Dinner

6:30 – Concert


Thursday June 18, 2015

8:30-9:00: Registration


Singing Traditions & Canons (Chair, Marcia Ostashewski, Cape Breton University)

“Survivors Make a Difference: Songs of Death from Newfoundland,” Joseph Scanlon and Peter Knowlton, Carleton University

“Singing Cowboy: 1950s Folksongs of Alberta by Stu Phillips,” Mike Tod, York University


Music, Spirituality & Health (Chair, Louise Wrazen, York University)


“The Ecology of Groups: Conditions for Collaborative Music and Health Making in West African style Drum and Dance Ensembles,” Kathleen Armstrong, Carleton University

“Co-Opting Orientalism: The Discursive Politics of Coptic Music Archives,” Carolyn Ramzy, Carleton University



Past and Present Indigeneities (Chair, Beverley Diamond, Memorial University of Newfoundland)

“Singing Frog Plain: Representing Canadian/Metis Relations through Falcon’s Song,” Monique Giroux, Independent Scholar

“Straddling Tradition & Innovation: From Katajjaq to Beat-Boxing,” Raj Singh, York University

“Teaching Business through Gaming, Hooking Students with Music: The Making of Music Mogul,” Janice Tulk, Cape Breton University


ROUNDTABLE: “Folkways in Wonderland: A Cyberworld for Ethnomusicological Exhibition and Research,” Michael Frishkopf (University of Alberta), Michael Cohen (University of Aizu), Rasika Ranaweera (University of Aizu)



Lunch and CSTM AGM

Viewing of Folk Alliance Award Film on CSTM

2:15- 3:15


“iCreate Cape Breton: Interdisciplinary Inquiry and Community-Engaged Research,” iCreate Cape Breton Research Team (Facilitator, Marcia Ostashewski)

“Exhibiting Audio Cultures of India: Record Collectors, Scholars, Performers,” Ameera Nimjee, University of Chicago




Libations and Libidos: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Music and Pleasure (Chair, Ian Brodie, Cape Breton University)

“Seeing Double: Irony, Alcohol, and Small-Time Performance,” Marion MacLeod, University of Chicago

“Drinking with the Gods: Palm Wine, Mood, and Masculinity in Ritual Performance,” Kaley Mason, University of Chicago

“Singing about Sex: The Performance of Comic and Risqué Songs in Late Georgian London,” David Gregory, Athabasca University


ROUNDTABLE: “What is Music if Not Traditional?: Revisiting and Reflecting on Notions of Tradition,” Margaret Walker (Queen’s University, Chair), Sherry Johnson (York University), Dylan Robinson (Queen’s University), Janice Tulk (Cape Breton University)



Pub Night & Open Mic/Session (Governors Pub and Eatery)

Friday June 19, 2015


Popular Music, Canons and Value (Chair, Chris McDonald, Cape Breton University)

“The High School Mix Tape Project,” Christianna Barnard, Rider University

“Is Progression Allowed in Progressive Rock? How Rush’s ‘Subdivisions’ Divided More than Just Time,” Holly Quibell, York University

“David Bowie Is? Valuation, Auto-Biography and Branding,” Helene Laurin, University of Ottawa

ROUNDTABLE: “Contemporary Trends in Canadian Ethnomusicology: Paradigms, Questions and Future Directions,” Sherry Johnson (York University), Anna Hoefnagels (Carleton University), Judith Klassen (Canadian Museum of History)



Orality, Mediation, and Display (Chair, Heather Sparling, Cape Breton University)


“Representing Oral Stories and Folksongs: Challenges in the Catherine Gallagher Project,” Cindy Campbell Stone, Helen Creighton Folklore Society

“Les enjeux de l’« oralité médiatisée » dans la transmission et la performance de la musique traditionnelle : apports et difficultés,” Marie-Laure Boudreau

“Tradition et médiatisation : le cas de Chéticamp,” Ronald Labelle, Cape Breton University


ROUNDTABLE: “Getting it ‘write’: Communicating effectively through the written wordStudent Initiatives Panel (Chair, Ian Hayes, Memorial University of Newfoundland)

Anna Hoefnagels (Carleton University), Kati Szego (MUN), Michael Frishkopf (University of Alberta), and Kaley Mason (University of Chicago).




Classroom: Chris McDonald, Richard MacKinnon, Film Showing: “Doug MacPhee and Cape Breton’s Celtic Piano Style” (12:45-1:15)


Folk and Popular Music in Historical Perspective (Chair, Andy Parnaby, Cape Breton University)

“‘An Age of High Adventure and Romance’: Marius Barbeau and the Cultural Politics of Folk Song,” Andrew Nurse, Mount Allison University

“Exhibiting Music: Labour Song-Poems of Steel in Early Twentieth Century Cape Breton Island,” Richard MacKinnon, Cape Breton University

“Atlantic Canadians in Nashville North: Music and Migration in Postwar Toronto,” Greg Marquis, University of New Brunswick


ROUNDTABLE: “The Calgary Collection: On Exhibiting a Folk Community Online,” Mike Tod (York University, Chair), John Leeder, Gillian Turnbull (Ryerson University), Tim Rogers



Music, Identity, and Remembering (Chair, Janice Tulk, Cape Breton University)

“Memories and Identity: Song Repertoire in Placentia Bay, Newfoundland,” Ian Hayes, Memorial University of Newfoundland

“Sustaining a Musical Community: African Nova Scotian Music from Dr. Helen Creighton’s Collection,” Clary Croft, Helen Creighton Folklore Society

“Regilaul: Tradition and Transformation,” Susan Kahro, York University

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